Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative cabinet

I found this cabinet at my favorite local thrift shop but it was in need of some work. I saw that it had lots of potential, was an interesting shape and would be great for storage.

First I stripped all the layers of paint to reveal a damaged wood veneer that was covering particle board (my first clue was that it weighed a ton!) Since the wood veneer wasn't in great shape, I decided to use a dry brush technique to antique it. I also had to replace a bit of curved wood on the under side that was missing when I bought it. I had some leftover 5"x7" mirrors from a previous project and used a construction adhesive to attach them to the doors. I removed the floral wallpaper on the end piece and opted to paint the area a dark brown to add some contrast to whatever I placed on the shelves. Now my favorite wood bowl made by my friend Matthieu LeBlanc has a new home.

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