Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magnificent Macrame

When I saw this pot at a thrift store I fell in love with it.  It was handmade and the three holes in the top told me it had been made to hang a plant.

Macrame has been making a resurgence lately, both in fashion and in decorating. I have seen many beautiful plant hangers and wanted to make my own.

Instead of using the typical polyester string, I wanted to use something more natural like jute and add wood beads. I found some great how-to videos on you-tube about macrame and went to work.

I used a two inch metal ring at the top and three long strings of jute that when folded in half become six. After tying a few knots, I threaded the beads on. The knots have to be tied at the same height on each string in order for the plant to be level in the end. After calculating the height I wanted the plant to hang, I tied the knots to attach the pot. To criss-cross the string over the pot, the strings next to each other have to be tied together. When it came time to finish off the bottom, I tied a knot and instead of leaving just strings hanging I tied more beads on staggering their lengths.

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