Friday, March 16, 2012

Sugar Shack!

It has become a tradition over the past few years for my friends and I to celebrate my birthday over a delicious meal at a sugar shack. This year we went to Érablière Charbonneau in Mont Saint-Grégoire, 35 minutes south of Montreal.

The scenery is beautiful here, the maple trees surround the sugar shack and all have their buckets collecting the sap.

Sap dripping from the tapped maple tree.

Inside the rustic country decor is beautiful, antique chairs line the long tables.

The hanging lanterns add to the rustic atmosphere, love them.

As soon as we sat down, they started putting out the spread. The traditional Québécoise meal consists of homemade preserves, coleslaw, pea soup, potatos, omelet, tortière pockets (meat pies), sausages, ham, les oreilles de crisse (pork rinds), creton (meat spread), and of course baked beans.

And then the dessert came...we sampled everything, the sugar pie, buckwheat pancakes, crêpes and pastries. Everything got a generous pouring of warm maple sauce...yumm!!

As we slowly made our way to the parking lot feeling stuffed, we made one last stop to sample some tire (mapple taffy on the snow).

I sure got my sugar fix for the year!

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