Friday, April 6, 2012

Bookcase for a Boy

My clients for this project were a sweet young couple who wanted me to refinish this bookcase that had been given to them by a friend. Since they live in a beautiful but not overly spacious old home, storage is always important for them. Even though this bookcase was painted an awful green they still saw that it had potential and would fit perfectly in their son's room.

We chose a medium brown paint color to compliment the other furniture in the room and I suggested adding distressing in some spots to antique it.
Once I sanded the bookcase and started applying the paint I knew that it was going to turn out to be a beautiful piece!

I used a drybrush paint technique to apply a lighter color to the edges and to highlight the recesses on the doors. In other areas I used a darker paint to give the piece an aged look.

This is Lucas, so excited to help his mom fill up the bookcase with all his toys. The doors are at just the right height for him to open and get his toys out to play with and hopefully if all goes well...keep them organized!

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